3d cfn  fleet card

The CFN FleetWide Fuel Card

For companies located in the Western US or Dallas Fort-Worth that have local and regional routes.

Cardlock Fuel Locations

Access to 2,300 CFN cardlock locations that are built for businesses with easy access for larger vehicles, high flow pumps, no retail traffic or c-store. The CFN Fleetwide card is also accepted at 57,000 retail gas stations and truck stops in case you can’t make it to a CFN location.

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CFN fuel card controls will help you stop and catch fuel theft from the start. You can setup gallon limits per transaction, product type limits, time frame limits, and more.

Electronic Receipts

Immediately after every transaction a fuel receipt will be sent directly to your email with the transaction details. This will keep you in the loop on all your drivers’s purchases as they happen.

Online Reporting

CFN’s online access automatically organizes all the data your fleet card collects to help you run monthly expense reports, quarterly IFTA reports, and other custom reports that can be easily exported in Excel. No more manually entering fuel receipts or combing through credit card statements.

Organized Invoice

At the end of each billing cycle your receive a detailed invoice with all your fuel transactions. You can organize your invoice by branch, business department, or hub to easily allocate fuel cost for each organization

CFN Level Pricing

At CFN locations, the cost basis is the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) which provides price assessments for the wholesale fuel market. Get a fuel quote for your closest CFN station to match up to what you are currently paying.

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2,300 commercial fuel locations with cardlock level controls & cardlock pricing.