voyager 3d fleet card

The Voyager Fleet Card

The everywhere card. For companies located anywhere in the US that have local, regional, and national routes.

Universal Acceptance

With 230,000 locations, the Voyager fleet card will help you control and track your fuel purchases at gas stations , truck stops, and private fueling sites.

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Voyager fleet card controls will help you prevent fuel theft and card misuse from the start. You can set up per day transaction limits, dollar limits per transaction, time frame limits, and product exception reports.

Purchase Alerts

As soon as your driver hangs up the nozzle at the pump, you will receive a purchase alert via text or email with all the transaction details. This will help you know where and what your drivers are purchasing at all times.

Online Reporting

No more collecting and entering fuel receipts into spreadsheets. Voyager’s Fleet Commander Online, automatically collects data to run monthly expense reports, quarterly IFTA reports, and other custom reports that you can download directly into Excel.

Organized Invoicing

At the end of each billing period you’ll receive a detailed invoice with all your fuel transactions in one place. You can customize your invoice by business department, hub, or branch, to easily allocate fuel cost at the end of the month.

Choose The Best Price

With the Voyager Mobile App your drivers can find locations with the cheapest prices in the area. Some locations can be up to 40¢ cheaper than others.

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230,000 gas stations, truck stops & private fueling sites.